Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi :)

Hey guys it's emilee ;)

So this is just gonna be a update about my life..

So I'm gonna start with January..
I turned 12! I got ever thing I wanted ;)
It was so much fun!

Ok.. Let's go to February
I had to go to the hospital... I got really sick.. :( but I'm alittle better now

Ok.. Now.. February 20th (or around then)
My friend is moving to South America
:( so.. I had to take the main part in our school play.. ( which is grease)

Let's go to this week..
My friend moved :( I'm sad it's been only 3 days and I've cried more than 10 times :(

Well.. That's basically it.. That's why im not on a lot any more... Thanks ttyl ;)

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